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  • Dominik Schuetten (Dienstag, 17. Januar 2017 00:30)

    Dominik Schuetten <> (Dienstag, 03. Januar 2017 04:31)

    It was a great experiance having Deepal as a driver for our first journey to Sri Lanka. He reflects all the good things the country and his culture is well known about. Happiness, honesty and great-fullness.

    When we arrived I did not expect very much just a driver who will bring us from A to B but thanks to Deepal we had a real Sri Lanka experience. He always negotiated the best prices for us, helped us where to eat or rather not to and if needed I organized extra day-tours for us within a minute.

    I can hardly recommend Deepal. This pages misleads a little if you need a driver or Tourguide just ask him and he will help you.

    Thank you again Deepal

  • Thomas Render (Dienstag, 17. Januar 2017 14:33)

    Thomas Render <> (Samstag, 14. Januar 2017 18:53)

    Sri Lanka (26th December – 11th January)
    Great driver for your trip through Sri Lanka – honest and very reliable!!
    Trip included 10 days: Colombo, Negombo, Sigiriha, Candy, Ella, Talalle, Tangalle
    When we first met Deepal, he picked us up in our hotel in Negombo (20km from the airport). He brought all of us a chain of flowers and was very much interested in getting to know of all of us much better. I immediately recognized what a nice and caring person he is and we all got along great. Right from the beginning his goal was not just to take us safely from location to location, but to make our vacation as unique as possible by giving suggestions and by helping us whenever he can. Deepal was always concerned of our safety and briefed us carefully wherever we went to. He showed us the most beautiful spots that we would have never seen without him. He recommended the best restaurants, local stores and massage places – all with very good price / value. Whatever we needed during our trip, Deepal was able to arrange it due to his good contacts all over the island. Just to give an example - We tried to get tickets for the train ride from Nuwara Eliya to Ella two weeks before we arrived (€15 each via the internet), but the train was booked out. So we decided to go into the train station when being in Sri Lanka – but still no tickets were available. We asked Deepal for help and after a few calls he was able to arrange 4 tickets for 1€ each. It was an amazing train ride and you should not miss it when you have the chance (e.g. amazing views from the hills over endless tea plantations, waterfalls and a truly unique landscape).
    Deepal is a very modest person - we even needed to push him to take the tip he deserved for all he had done for us. He is a very trustworthy, honest and reliable driver (driving for almost 20 years now) that is fluent in english and I am a 100% sure that you will be as happy as we were by taking him as your driver. He was a major factor of making our vacation in Sri Lanka so amazing.
    Thanks for all that Deepal, best Thomas

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