Sri Lanka Attractions

  Sights and attractions on the "island of dreams"

Sri Lanka, it means a "radiantly beautiful country".

The island of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, southeast of India in the Indian Ocean and is known for its beautiful beaches and for tea. The list of attractions in Sri Lanka is long. Many tourists come here to dive, but the country has much more to offer than the exercise. Cultural treasures, natural beauty and a fascinating history! Another highlight is the island's fascinating, hardly ever gear birdlife. The lush vegetation and warm climate provide the constant presence of a variety of bird species.

Order in all its diversity, to discover the country, you should allow a few days for a round trip. It is worthwhile in any case! In order to assist you for your interesting and appropriate destinations in the selection, we have shortly compiled on this page Attractions of Sri Lanka.

The most beautiful and famous sights of Sri Lanka:

A pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka in the form of a 2,343 meter high mountain.
At the summit there is a petrification, which is interpreted as the footprint of the Buddha. The climb takes about 4 hours and is best done at night, so you can enjoy the sunrise.

Founded 2600 years ago, Anuradhapura was long the capital. You can visit the well-preserved ruins, which are Unesco World Heritage Site.
The Isurumuniya temple (the oldest on the island) and the Sri Maha Bodhi tree, one of the most sacred relics in Sri Lanka, are worth seeing.

A rock temple where Buddha's teachings were written down.

To visit the 2100 years old cave temple with beautiful wall and ceiling paintings. In addition, many statues can be admired. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful in Sri Lanka.

A place in the highlands, surrounded by tea plantations, which offers a breathtaking view. There are many picturesque caves and waterfalls in the area. A ride on the train offers an unforgettable experience.

A former capital. Interesting are the fortress (Fort from the 17th century), the old town, the Archaeological Museum and some picturesque fish and fruit markets. A day trip worth it.

A cultural center built in the 18th century and also a former capital. The tooth temple houses a tooth relic of Buddha. Three times a day the sanctuary is open to visitors. Some other temples, such as Gadaladeniya from the 14th century. And the botanical gardens are often visited.
Numerous small art galleries offer beautiful souvenirs. In the evening you should watch the traditional dances are necessarily.

A small town in the jungle of the island. It is the starting point for spectacular river rafting trips.

Starting point to the interesting cave temple of Ridi Vihara.

One of the economic centers in Sri Lanka. Interesting are located in the surroundings Weherahena and Pary Duwa Temple. A trip to the southernmost point of the island, the Dondra Head at Tangalle worth!

An absolute resort. Many of the buildings are from the 19th century. Interesting are the Victoria Park, the Botanical Garden and the Bird Park. On the outskirts is a Hindu temple called Sita Eliya. With a little luck, the summit of Pidurutalagala (highest mountain in Sri Lanka's) can be seen. Be sure to schedule in a round trip.

Known for an elephant orphanage. There are only a few such stations.
The orphanage helps many orphaned and injured animals to survive. You can feed the exotic animals in and watch swim.

UNESCO World Heritage Site and former capital of Sri Lanka after Anuradhapura. An ancient city with well preserved partly statues and temples.

The area is known for its gems. Interesting is the museum located in the city. Near the Sinharaja National Park is a small jungle.

A former rock fortress. A single rock in the jungle with over 1200 stairs leading upwards. There are beautiful frescoes, some very well preserved to admire. At the foot of the mountain there is an idyllic garden.

A small harbor in the south of the island. Interesting is the rock temple with its beautiful paintings and statues.

Not only tempels are beautiful, also is nature...

 Some of the National Parks in Sri Lanka


  •      Yala National Park
  •      Bundala National Park
  •      Wilpattu National Park
  •      Gal Oya National Park
  •      Horton Plains
  •      Kaudulla National Park
  •      Sinharaja Rain Forrest Reserve
  •      Udawalawe National Park


Located in the southeast and is the most visited park in Sri Lanka, a paradise of predators. There is the largest leopard population in the world. The best time to see them is from February to July.
Also, langurs, deer, migratory birds, marsh crocodiles, buffalo and elephants can be admired. Landscaped the park is very diverse.

Located in the south, 245 km from Colombo, near Hambantota.
The park is a wetland reserve and really highly recommended for bird lovers. But you can also elephants, crocodiles, turtles, pelicans, flamingos. u.v.m watch. Bundala is not so species Empire as Yala, but much quieter.
The best time to visit is September to March.

Located on the east coast, 180 km from Colombo and was closed during the Civil War. It is the largest park in Sri Lanka, overgrown by dense jungle. The park is particularly rich in species. Even leopards and Lippenbäre can be observed.
The best time to visit is from January to March, December, April and May.

Located about 300 km northeast of Colombo, one can experience safari tours by boat here. The large reservoir invites you to relax and wonder. The park is very rich in species, but especially elephants and water birds can be observed.
Best time to visit are the months of March to July.

Located about 60 km from Colombo in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, at an altitude of about 2000 m. The park is very easy to explore on foot. Many animals, such as Sambar deer, monkeys, wild boars, leopards and many others are to see.
The park also includes:
World's End, a 1,050 m high Steep finish that provides visibility to the sea in the south.
Baker's Falls, about 20 m high waterfalls.
The scenery is the most beautiful National Park and the coolest.
It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best time to visit is October to March.

Located 197 km north-east of Colombo and is a very important bird sanctuary.
Very good to watch elephants congregate to drink at Kaudulla lake.
Best to visit btw. August and December.

Located 120 km south of Colombo and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is located in the hilly rainforest and means "Kingdom of the Lion". Large animals are difficult to observe because of the lush vegetation, but more of birds and reptiles. It is always traveling on foot through the park in the jungle, where it often rains.
The months of August, September and January to early April are the best for a visit.

Approximately 165 km from Colombo south of Colombo, this park is located inland,
directly on a lake and offers a savannah-like landscape.
To see include elephant, wild buffalo, monitor lizards, mongoose and crocodiles.
The best months for a safari are from May to September, but can be visited all year round.


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